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The program of creative meatings in Open gallery Marin + Marinka Hvar


1. The visit and meet with the full concept of ethnic artBoce u Atelieru Marin+Marinka

Guests with the conduct of painters razgledaju exhibit paintings, objects, a collection of bonsaja, garden and work spaces, in which the alchemy of art happening today.

   Sljedi chat with tea and osveženje with artists.


2. Making his own art-T-shirt souvenirs

Workshop is ideal for children. Textil colors, which are permanent and perive, with the assistance and support painters oslika bjela T-shirts. T-shirts and colors gives the atelier.


3. Courses painting

are held on the basis of individual and affinity with agreement with clients. Options, which provide painters Marin and Marinka are ugljenom basics of drawing, pencil, pen and a shower…, oil on canvas, watercolour, acrylic and guaš, collage, asemblage and redi mejdi.


Boce u Atelieru Marin+Marinka

4. Creating a mosaic

5. Creating a framework for the pictures of odbačenog material       (trash) in the technique of paper mashea.

6. Bonsaj the basics of growing trees, care and maintenance. They are izradnja small garden from the Hvar stone for miniaturno tree spice or herb.



The artists, who speak Croatian, Slovenian, German and English, said: "Our principle work with people based on the basis of affinity of individual students and their estimates dosadašnjeg experience. This is important because the shorter time polaženja course with the work, discussion and socializing may achieve meaningful results and visible progress .. We work with young people who are preparing for exams reception at the academy or school of art, design, etc. "


Boce u Atelieru Marin+Marinka

"For those in which" čući "poručujem painter, it is time to osovimo to being on my feet so that the rest of life is living your dreams, because art is the chance.
In addition is always easier to do something if we know the basics and see what you can all oil on canvas for example, "says Marin and adds: "What is important knowledge is important and dose of confidence that stiče good picture we have managed to picture."


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Art Gallery Marin - Hvar

Marin Ribarić Hvar - Croatia


email : marin@media-8.org