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Square of the island of Hvar in Zagreb!

Painter Marin Ribarić will sort his pictures on the Square of Ban Jelačić

Marin Ribaric painter, born in Zagreb with a permanent address in Dol on the island of Hvar, but the long preparation for a big performance that will perform the 22nd May this year in Zagreb. On that day, his paintings will leave Duževe palaces to them by their the Ban Jelacic Square. Atelier Marin+Marinka
An area of 100 square meters, subject to the picture that believes that our sunniest island from Sucuraj to Hvar, the present inhabitants of the metropolis, and to encourage them to think that in this time of crisis and recession should believe her, buy her love, and for place choose your vacation a magical island, and not some other destination.

This kind of presentation of pictures in the streets will not be the first since the end of summer on the Square set hvarskoj exhibition 'Hvar on the square', but to a lesser half the surface, but the smaller size delighted Bodulo and many tourists were still located on the island . Therefore believes that the capital city of Croatia attract audiences and visitors, as its performance conceived as a presentation of tourist potential of the island of sun, clear sea, and opojnih scent of lavender and rosemary.

- We have learned that the place of pictures on the wall. Acquired habits of the most difficult to change, however, that I hang out with pictures of his whole life, I saw them on the floor and experienced quite differently. Art obviously changing habits - the famous painter said, adding that however, for those who do not wish to change the habits of organizing the Saturday, a day later, exactly at noon, in the gallery sale exhibition Marin Open Studio & Marinka, where he will be exposed with watercolors from the cycle of 'Planet of Hvar 'and join the' better half ', and his companions Marinka Radež.

With pictures artists will offer visitors to Hvar, breakfast, a salad of octopus, Hvarsko 'any', 'Hvars plavac', prosecco, water from the 'well', Paprenjak, fritule, karamelizirane bajame, and it would be good to him in this regard, and told potential sponsors in the call. no. 0915319533. 'All of this work in order with the help of art brought tourists to the most beautiful island in the world, and after Zagreba' Square of the island of Hvar 'villages in Varaždin, Bjelovar and Osijek. In all these cities will decorate square because square is the most beautiful gallery, some of the streets took the street, and we again disagree squares - said about his plans Marin.

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Art Gallery Marin - Hvar

Marin Ribarić Hvar - Croatia


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